Founder/Executive Director: Latisha Blackburn, if there were a formula to sum her up it would be, goal set = goal achieved, although she holds firm that her greatest partnership (with God) and her highest achievement is being the mother to her son Christian. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, but raised in Los Angeles, California, she is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, where she earned her Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing, and she is also an alumna of Kennesaw State University. Latisha is a member of the fine Greek letter organization, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, whom she credits a great deal for her desire to serve. Introduced to the Sorority by, then mentor, now Soror, Mrs. Yvonne Battle. She says, having that experience as a young girl broadened her perspective.

Motivational speaker, life coach, writer, brand management consultant, wedding/event planner, entrepreneur and "Soccer" mom extraordinaire, Latisha knows that you can't force a person to change, but you can try your best to inspire them. This nursery specialist embodies the will to teach and the desire to inspire. If she were a flower she would be a lotus, though the flower has its root in the mud, it grows upward in the direction of light, which represents the aspiration to rise above and move towards the light. In other words, the flower stands for the journey from the darkness, represented by the muddy pond, to the light of knowledge or wisdom.

All to familiar with the tales of an "at-risk-youth," Latisha has dealt with abuse in numerous forms. She credits those very life experiences along with her relationship with God for assisting her in healing and pulling through. There was a moment when she felt that masking her wounds and suppressing her anger was ideal, but she soon learned that that wasn’t a course of action that would lead her to a place of healing. Discovering that nothing grows without rain, daring to dream, and having enough faith to believe that there was something more for her out there in the world, she weathered the storm. "Can't nothing make your life work if you ain't the architect." Terry McMillian. Everyone has a story. Sometimes all it takes is an ear to listen or a shoulder to lend support. That is the platform for The Floral Project. Allow us to assist you in growing and blooming.