The Floral Project hosts a number of services and would love to meet with you and/or your organization for consulting to assist in meeting your needs. Some of our services include but are not limited to:

Workshops-Workshop participants are guided and encouraged to deeply explore the meaning of empowerment, identifying areas in their lives where they feel empowered and times or events in their lives when they have felt disempowered. They are then led through experiential exercises to help bring them into a state of personal empowerment.

Those That Know, Do… Safe Sex Workshops - These workshops are designed to get your youth group involved in the discussion in regards to risky behaviors. Facilitators encourage participants to identify realistic risk-reduction strategies within the context of their own life and values. Discussion covers abstinence, mutual monogamy, correct and consistent condom use, full compliance with STI treatment protocols, and reducing the number of one’s sex partners.

The Floral Project offers four different length talks and/or workshops for groups and organizations:

one-hour talk or keynote address where a facilitator outlines the steps to personal empowerment and why it is a critical component to achieving inner peace. (Note: timing on this talk can be flexible between one-half hour and one hour depending on your needs.)

2-hour workshop where facilitator leads participants through three empowerment exercises as well as facilitates an in-depth discussion on the meaning of empowerment and how it can be achieved on a personal level.

3.5 hour workshop where facilitator leads participants through five empowerment exercises as well as facilitates an in-depth discussion on the meaning of empowerment, how it can be achieved on a personal level as well as in our families and communities.

All-day workshop (9:00-Noon and 1:00-5:00) where facilitator leads participants through numerous empowerment exercises. She also facilitates an in depth group discussion on the meaning of empowerment, why it is a necessary and how it can be achieved on a personal level and on a planetary scale.

Girlfriend Get-a-ways/Flower Power Bon Voyage (Retreats) - a mystical oasis which encompasses Meetings & Conferences, retreats for spiritual growth and personal development, plus counseling and support groups. Treat your group to a Nourishing and Flourishing Private Retreat at the location if your choice. The Floral Project offers a unique getaway coaching retreat experience facilitated by The Floral Project Inc. The focus is entirely on your group of youth! Your retreat will be coaching intensive that will nurture and renew their spirit, and guide them to deep personal insights, choices and decisions about their lives. There will be a variety of coaching activities, group discussions, fitness fun, as well as quiet time for reflection designed to fit their needs. They'll explore what they want most in life, their innermost values, as well as their fears and limiting beliefs, and discover what it will take to live a more fulfilling, inspired life of their own design.

Conference Hosting - Allow us to assist you in your youth leadership conferences. Equipped with great ideas and staying abreast of the latest trends. Never the “same old thing” let our coordinators come up with innovative ideas to make your event one to remember. We also offer keynote address services to ignite your audience while motivating them to reach their highest potential.

Leadership Training - Our leadership training allows teenage girls to improve their interpersonal skills, develop more effective decision making strategies and enhances their influence and chances for success. They’ll discover how the many decisions they are forced to make as teenagers could very well affect their entire life as a whole. It is very important for these young ladies to assume the right roles at the right time. Our leadership training leads to greater esteem and building self-confidence.