The Floral Project offers adolescents, young mothers, and pregnant teens, an opportunity to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future. The long-term goal of The Floral Project is to empower the young to break the habits that are leading to trouble in school and in the long-term.  We are interested in seeing these flowers blossom into highly productive young women fulfilling their career goals and not becoming enabled.
The Floral Project has four mentoring programs that we refer to as our Conservatory. They are as follows:

Green Thumb Promise

The Green Thumb Promise:  The Green Thumb Promise is an oath to stay in school and seek assistance before deciding to give up on anything.  70 percent of teenage dropouts are teen moms.  We look to shrink this percentage by offering support through mentorship and academic assistance.  "Pain is temporary.  Quitting lasts forever." – Lance Armstrong

Cultivating Corner: (Teen Parent Mentoring Program/TPMP) To cultivate is to work and prepare the soil by breaking it up and removing weeds before planting.  In this program our idea is to rebuild and re-direct the focus of teen mothers. "Without rain, nothing grows."-Anonymous. We aim to assist them in establishing career goals, making a plan, and parenting skills through enhanced life skills training for their future.  70 percent of teenage dropouts are teen moms.  We look to shrink this percentage by offering support through mentorship and academic assistance.

The Cultivating Corner also aims to prevent HIV and other STIs among adolescents ages 11 to 18 by improving their HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. As such, it also addresses sexual behaviors related to pregnancy prevention, including avoiding risky situations, using condoms, and being monogamous. Through discussion in small groups of eight to 20, participants learn the risks of unsafe sexual behaviors. Videos, role-playing, games, and exercises reinforce learning and encourage participation. This intervention is based on three theories of health behavior change: social cognitive theory, the theory of reasoned action, and the theory of planned behavior.

Complete Fertilizer: (Abstinence, Safe sex, Self worth and Anti-drug) To fertilize a plant means to provide it with major nutrients.  This program is to provide important health information and major teen pregnancy prevention.

We aim to provide the girls with an abundance of information regarding safe sex, anti-drug, healthy relationships, abstinence, self worth workshops, and the drama that comes along with being a pregnant teen. This program assist teens in discovering their vocational and career aspirations while encouraging them to realize how their sexual and reproductive decisions have a major affect on their outcomes.

Facilitators encourage participants to identify realistic risk-reduction strategies within the context of their own life and values. Discussion covers abstinence, mutual monogamy, correct and consistent condom use, full compliance with STI treatment protocols, and reducing the number of one’s sex partners.

Luxurious Loam: (Flower Power, Beauty and Health/Fitness) Soil that is rich with organic material, loose, and good drainage, but moist. It is known as the ideal soil for growing plants.  This particular program is aimed at uplifting young women mentally. They’ll learn the meaning of values, practice accepting the values of others, review the elements of a nutritious diet and healthy ways of managing weight as well as understanding stress and learning stress management techniques.

  "As a man thinketh, so is he." Proverbs 23:7.  We will provide workshops that teach things such as etiquette, grooming, hygiene, physical fitness, nutrition, and "Flower Power" (sisterhood).